Worry no more as this page is dedicated to iPhone 4.1 users who need effective and low cost jailbreak and unlock program. The most valuable feature is the zero risk process for your most treasured communication device. This page provides helpful information related to your iPhone concerns which aim to provide a guide on choosing the appropriate method for jailbreak and unlock solution.


An unlocked iPhone 4.1 frees the user from exclusive carrier provider and provides full access to the numerous features and applications equipped on the iPhone. The capability to utilize other carrier services offered by a country in any part of the world is the major benefit of an iPhone unlocked to other functionality previously limited by the manufacturer.  There are numerous methods for jailbreaking and unlocking services which added confusion to iPhone users needing the program. Unfortunately, not all are efficient, fast and safe as they claimed thus it is crucial to perform an intensive research and in-depth analysis to know the best jailbreak and unlock software method.


iPhone Unlock 4.1 Step by Step Guide for Manual Installation

You have an option to initialize the jailbreak and unlock program through individual effort following the manual guide.


  1. Connect your iPhone to the internet services using Wi-Fi or broadband connection but not through 3G.
  2. Open the Safari browser from your iPhone.
  3. Search for an appropriate jailbreaking program for your iPhone 4.1, be sure to check that the firmware is compatible with the version of your iPhone. It is essential to acquire jailbreak program for successful unlock procedure.
  4. Download and install the appropriate jailbreak program directly to your iPhone, double check that the program successfully performed the jailbreak.
  5. Press the home button on the browser of your iPhone and search for Cydia in the apps section. Install Cydia to your iPhone and open the said program.
  6. Search for relevant software that you will utilize for unlocking purpose using Cydia program.
  7. Select the ‘Manage” button then select “Sources” followed by “Edit” and “Add” commands. Enter the correct URL of the unlock program in the search box.
  8. Check the available disk space of your iPhone4.1 to assure its capability to store the unlock software.
  9. When finished downloading the unlock software, look for it in the apps section of your iPhone. After locating the downloaded software, open and be guided on how to successfully install the unlock software.
  10. To verify that the program successfully unlocked your iPhone 4.1, insert a different SIM card not authorized by your iPhone manufacturer as exclusive carrier provider.
  11. Restart your iPone to reboot its system which will make your iPhone 4.1 recognize the newly installed unlock program. A successful unlocked service will allow your iPhone to utilize the services of other carrier providers other than the exclusive carrier partner of Apple manufacturer.
  12. An iPhone successful unlocked is capable to download apps of your choice previously restricted by Apple by locking the iPhone access settings.  It is a test of a successful program for iPhone Unlock 4.1 version.



iPhone Unlock 4.1 Through an Effective Software Program

A reliable online third party software provider supplies effective, easy to initialize, fast process and low cost jailbreak and unlock program. The best feature is that it does not require technical expertise to be able to successfully unlock your iPhone 4.1 version. Rather than the complicated and confusing manual program download for jailbreak and unlock solutions, try the convenient and effective iPhone Unlock 4.1 software from this page. It provides assurance of effective program that will unlock your iPhone 4.1 at low cost worth your investment.